TruKuu's Um Jammer Lammy/PTR Video Collection & History

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TruKuu's Um Jammer Lammy/PTR Video Collection & History Empty TruKuu's Um Jammer Lammy/PTR Video Collection & History

Post by TruKuu on Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:36 am

This thread is only meant to cover my video history with the UJL/PTR community and not my full story with the games and whatnot. I will save that for another time. However, I feel like I should include a bit of backstory and explanation with the links, so sorry if the thread gets a little "wordy".

On Jan 8, 2014, My Um Jammer Lammy video history begins with a YouTube channel called "Gamersof Glory" tm. I feel this channel is the place where you can see the most growth and development of my playstyle. Unfortunately a few of the UJL (stage 3 Parappa cool mode (original), Score cap on stage 7 with Parappa (this was prior to the Twin Galaxies submissions) and PTR2 (Colonel Noodle cool mode video among others) videos that used to be there are now gone. With the crash of the computer those videos would have been on and them being wiped from the internet, they are probably lost forever. Nervous/Anxious
At the time it seemed like a good idea to erase them due to how much I had improved as a player, but now I wish I wouldn't have deleted them just for the sake of history and comparison.

I'd really suggest starting with the oldest video and moving upwards, and see how it coincides with the over video sources on this list, the fanbase's activity at the time, and the growth of my skill and game understanding.

Gamersof Glory channel:
July 6, 2015, I joined Twin Galaxies so I could submit world record scores for Um Jammer Lammy

Fair warnings, the video quality is pretty potato, and fever mode gets abused the whole time. The rules of Twin Galaxies record submissions strongly encourage that a video where the console can be seen is used for evaluating the authenticity of the record attempt. This is to make sure original hardware is utilized in the submissions, and to help avoid any other forms of trickery from happening. While this is a safer way to judge footage, it also results in lower video quality. It's a decision I understand, and personally agree with.

There should be quick links to the submission threads on the right side of the page, but if there is a particular entry you are looking for and it is not there, you can click on the "view leaderboard" link, and then click on the link in the "points" section for my entry.

You may notice that I failed to submit a score for Stage 3 Lammy. The truth is, I initially made a mistake when I uploaded my attempt for the video. The mistake was that I forgot to upload the video and still made the thread anyway... I still have the footage, but after the initial drama I had with my very first submission (which can be seen in the thread for the Chop Chop submission) and the slow process of preparing and submitting record attempts at Twin Galaxies website I decided I would just do it later and take a break from the site. I still haven't got back to submitting that video despite still having the video file. I also have a recorded attempt for PTR Easy Mode records on PS1 I have yet to upload to the site.
I created a Facebook Group after the "$100.00" scandal ruined the other active communities of the time. You can find it with any of these links, and it's still active to this day!

January 25, 2015  

PTR challenge initiated by Lozo Rozo entry

February 17, 2015  

A quick video I whipped up during a dry spell of videos and community activity. I was feeling sort of burnt out on Parappa/UJL and just used this video as an excuse to pick it back up for the sake of the group.

March 23, 2016

I have a good friend on FB who runs two great YouTube channels called TheBLBShow and BLBBridged, and he is very interested in researching and learning how the UJL engine works. As a part of his research I did a demonstration video showing "cool" being highlighted with an "improvision" that only has as many inputs as the original line. I expanded upon the concept in the following video.

March 26, 2016

The previous video's concept, but expanded on. Features Lammy and Parappa gameplay

As far as I can remember at this time of writing, that is all I have ever uploaded online as far as UJL/PTR videos go (Not counting those lost completely). If I upload any more videos for these games I will update the thread with the new links and descriptions. I hope that someone reading this gets some entertainment out of some of it at least, and of course it's all always up for discussion in the thread!Excited

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