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Post by TruKuu on Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:06 pm

Welcome to DaBargainBin!

We only have a few rules so here ya go:

- Keep on topic. Some off-topic discussion is fine, but don't completely derail the thread.
- Don't post racist or sexist comments/photos/videos/etc.. This also means no attacking people for religion or other things of that nature.
- No sexually explicit posts
- There is no rule against reviving old threads at this time. However, if a thread is revived it should be because the poster has something significant to add to the discussion or because the question/issue at hand was never properly solved.
- Don't post too many times back to back. There is an option to edit your posts, use it.

Trash Rules (Rules that apply exclusively to Trash):
- Don't make "the grand provider" a.k.a. forumotion angry. angry Other than that, I really don't care what you do.

- If you want a particular thread in Trash to stay on a particular topic, then add "*" to the thread title to signify.
- If you want a thread to where only the thread originator can post in it, then add "**" to the thread title.

Just be cool, man, you are on the World Wide Web! don't even care

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